Developing world class therapeutic health facilities on time and within budget to manage growing Qatar

After the success of the initial Health Facilities Design and Development Qatar conference, we are pleased to announce that the 2nd Health Facilities Design and Development conference is coming to Doha again on 28–29 March 2016!

As the population of Qatar continues to rapidly grow, it is critical that Qatar’s health facility construction experts develop facilities which are designed to effectively meet demand to the highest standard.

With many big projects being announced by key Qatari stakeholder governments and increasing opportunities for private healthcare providers, this conference aims to address the main challenges surrounding health design and development, and illustrate innovative solutions to develop Qatar’s healthcare infrastructure efficiently.

Drawing on the experience of healthcare providers, architects, structural engineers, and construction specialists, this event will provide you with strategies required to ensure successful project development and completion

What can you expect from 2016


Projects projects projects: Hear about regional and international projects where you can gain insight into key challenges and learn about innovative solutions to develop your project effectively


What will Qatar look like in 5 years: Presenting the current and future health infrastructure of Qatar and identifying the project pipeline


Ensuring world class patient satisfaction: Highlighting the importance of a patient-centered care model to enhance patient experience


Cutting costs: Learn how to successfully manage your health facility in Qatar to reduce overall costs


Moving towards an E-health environment: Implementing electronic medical health records to drive quality and efficiency

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